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Guru of Graphics – Milton Glaser

Jul 2, 2020branding

The passing of Milton Glaser warranted this blog post.

It’s obviously not often that I take the time to write a post but the passing of Milton Glaser, my personal graphic design idol made me do it. In this article from The New Yorker, the opening line sums up why his work meant so much to so many designers:

The greatest artistic fame might be the kind where few people know your name but everyone knows your work, because it feels as inevitable to the everyday culture as fire or the wheel.

In his design, you are immediately transported to the aesthetic and mood he intends you to feel. But, there’s a little something more for the next time you see it. In the brand work I’ve done in my career I strive to create a similar effect in my own way. As a small business owner / operator of a branding agency, I try to take the unique essence of the business and put my imprint on it to elevate and separate. With this approach there’s no industry or brand that I can’t help.

With that being said, there’s no greater compliment for me to hear than, “That’s got Dakota-Diesel’s fingerprints all over it” or “I knew you (Steve) had to be a part of that brand”.

Check out some of his memorable work.

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