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The Chaddsford Winery brand has undergone some changes over the past 6 years that we have been working with them. The winemaker has shifted from marketing traditional dry reds and whites to a new line of sweet wines and now back to re-imaging their traditional reds and whites. In addition to this shift in product focus, Chaddsford also is increasing their geographic footprint from a local, destination winery to a regional one.

To help communicate this evolution we have worked with Chaddsford Winery to create a style for their event graphics to promote on Facebook, through the Google Display Network, posters at the Winery and road side banners. The result has been an ever-expanding library of custom graphics that Chaddsford will be able to re-use each season. We have included samples of that graphic library on the next page.

In addition to the event and promotional graphics we create each month, we are slated to redesign their Sweet Wine Label this spring. Lastly, we researched and set-up a scalable and customizable e-commerce platform that integrated with their current accounting system.

Chaddsford Winery Facebook Page
Chaddsford Winery Roadside Banner
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