Manoa Tavern

Project Details

Ahh… The Manoa Tavern… Everyone’s favorite local bar. It’s been a landmark destination for generations and when the new owners approached us to help capture their vision – we jumped at the chance. We’ve created a brand from it’s deep history which coincided in a rebirth of the bar-restaurant. Every detail, including the actual names of the specials and regular menu items has a story behind it. The owner’s careful crafting of these names and their accompanying origin stories was brought to life each week as a new special was revealed.

Logo Development

It all starts with the logo. We worked together to create a mark that could work large and small, with and without the wording, in one color, on embroidered shirts, horizontally, etc. But the key was that it always had the same look and color application to hold it’s consistency.

Sound Boards

Throughout the atrium The Manoa Tavern has graphic panels to absorb sound. These boards are shown in the gallery above. Note the consistent color palette usage and the pops of illustration to help give the Manoa a one-of-a-kind authentic look.

Menu Design

Utilizing elements from the bar, we crafted a menu together that was functional with easy to read items yet incorporated the brand elements we worked so hard to create. 

Video Boards

On the back wall of the Tavern is a video board featuring weekly specials, events and food specials – all managed remotely. 

The Manoa Muddler 

We helped launch the Manoa Muddler a custom drink rolled out during this past spring when we were trying to find new ways to attract patrons. We utilized bright colors and whimsical, hand drawn illustrations to show off the line up.

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